About Rusalka Engravery

Handcrafted Quality

At Rusalka Engravery, you can trust that your pendants and various other engraved pieces are handcrafted with skill and care by me, Nellie Cole. From start to finish, all of Rusalka Engravery production takes place in my shop using engraving tools and handcrafted processes.

LGBTQIA and Gender Inclusive Business

I’m queer, I’m here, and I like to make jewelry! Rusalka Engravery is 100% queer friendly, with specialties in Pride pendants and queer identity/gender identity flag jewelry. With long time ties to other queer supporting businesses like Auntie Arwen’s Spices and ReWondered, you can trust that a purchase with Rusalka Engravery is a purchase that supports what you believe in.

Neurodivergent Pride

Rusalka Engravery runs with the help of and leadership of neurodivergent people. We support neurodiversity in all its forms and are always open to designs or custom work for neurodivergent pride. This business supports the Autism Self Advocacy Network and the Autism Women’s Network. Rusalka Engravery does not support or contribute to charity projects run by or affiliated with Autism Speaks.

Locally Owned and Operated

All of our products are handmade right in Connecticut, USA!